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Candles For Covid Victims

It’s a dark time we are going through.  Many people are getting sick.  Way too many people are dying.  We owe it to ourselves and our families to do whatever we can to avoid the Coronavirus.

We owe the deepest gratitude for the nurses and doctors and all other front line workers who risk their lives so that we may all get through this.

We owe it to ourselves to show solidarity with the victims of Covid-19.  This of course includes the families of Covid victims.

{Disclosure:  When you click on one of the links below, a new tab opens and you have the option to buy candles.  When you buy a product through this website, I make a small profit from the sales.   50% of any profits from this website will go toward buying trees in memory of Covid-19 victims.}

[Note: The products below are suggestions. You may use any candles you want.]

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 200 White, Smokeless, Dripless & Long Lasting Paraffin Tea Candles
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I started lighting candles during the second surge.  Some friends and family have joined me.  I started by lighting one 24-hour memorial candle every Friday night, to set the stage for the weekend. When the numbers of infected and the number of deceased began to rise and rise and rise, I began lighting a candle every evening.  A smaller candle, not a 24-hour candle.

You could join me, you know.  By lighting a candle for Covid victims every evening, we acknowledge each victim as a person, with a name and dignity.  I think if we all get together and do this one simple thing – lighting a candle every evening – it will go a long way toward helping our neighbors and friends get through this.

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Candles For Covid Victims