John Lewis Sit In

Painful Mile Markers On The Road To Freedom

Preface – Switch-backs
When you travel up a mountain, you can’t go straight up. You have to zig-zag up. If you have ever driven an automobile, or a team of horses, or walked up a mountain road, you know how hard it can be to navigate the switch-backs. Such is the Road To Freedom I have been alluding to in recent issues of this journal.

Turmoil Continues
Recently I have ranted about the uprisings, demonstrations, and noise that was dominating the broadcast media and social media. Today, I was supposed to turn around – switch-back, so to speak – temper my rantings, and offer a more positive outlook.

In the face of increasing tragedies due to a pandemic where U.S. leaders make matters worse by telling their base it’s a hoax . . . In the face of U.S. leaders supporting a foreign power who has paid locals in Afghanistan to shoot American soldiers . . . In the face of the U.S. government continuing to lock up families and separate children from their parents . . . In the face of the fact that I know people who support these leaders and their actions . . .

In the face of a lot of things that are just WRONG, I was going to tell you about hope, and reasons to have it. I was going to tell you how we can all still get along with friends and family who think we are wrong as much as we think they are wrong.

And then something happened.
We reached a painful mile marker on the road to freedom today. A marker to remind us of a gentleman who had more to say about hope than I ever will. A gentleman who knew more about the pot holes, cracks, and switch-backs on the road to freedom than just about anybody alive, today. A gentleman who resisted turning pain into anger, and instead conducted himself with compassion.

Congressman John Lewis passed away. It’s a sadness the whole country, if not the world, must feel. Maybe this sadness will bring a long pause to the turmoil in the streets. When we think of John Lewis and the sacrifices he made so that everybody may have the chance to pursue happiness, maybe people will be kinder to each other.

It would be a step in the right direction. It’s something to hope for. That’s the perspective from this little big island.

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